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Meet Dr. Sean Brown, MD, MBA, ScM who is featured in the opening video at John Hopkins University some 8 years ago. He is one of our amazing young scholarship recipients who is doing amazing things.  Here are his words after graduating last year from his post on Facebook: 


"I’m hard on myself and don’t often give myself enough credit. Maybe because I’m always preparing for the next thing as we all often are. But I’m proud of myself for this one. This is 10 years in the making! About a month and a half ago I graduated from medical school and earlier this week I got my last grade for business school completing my MBA. This week I also started emergency medicine residency. Met and love my amazing co-residents. Looking forward to an incredible 4 years to be challenged and grow as a doctor. Thankful for my village. I wouldn’t be here without y’all"  (Read More below for Dr. Brown's article "The Real Shortage of Black Male Doctors is Medicine's Real Emergency.")

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